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Supporting the Device Modernization Strategy

Apex embarked on a digital workplace transformation strategy to modernize the endpoints.  The existing device infrastructure primarily consisted of cloud-only devices on autopilot, necessitating a enhancement to harness the full potential of their investmen tin M365 licenses.

Key aspects of their business state included:

  • Cloud-Centric Environment: Apex’s digital ecosystem relied heavily on cloud-based devices, underscoring the need to optimize this environment for peak efficiency.
  • Security Imperative: In the era of growing cybersecurity threats, the organization sought to bolster its security measures and ensure data integrity across its digital workplace.
  • Operational Efficiency: Apex aimed to streamline operations, enhance work flow efficiency, and ensure optimal utilization of resources.
  • Adoption of Best Practices: The organization aspired to transition to a modern workplace that adhered to industry best practices, offering a secure, efficient, and technologically advanced digital workspace.
Apex was looking for trusted technology partner, who has expertise and different approaches to build and enhance all features of Modern endpoint via Microsoft Intune. In this pursuit, Apex joined forces with Dublin Tech Solutions (DTS) to Modernize endpoints while unlocking the full potential.


Enhancing Device Security with Microsoft Intune

Our engagement with Apex began with a comprehensive series of workshops, aimed at gaining a deep understanding of the existing Azure tenant and Intune configurations. In a meticulously orchestrated projects panning three transformative phases, Dublin Tech Solutions (DTS) and Apex Group embarked on a journey that profoundly reshaped their device landscape.

Phase 1: DTS initiated the transformation by laying the foundation for a secure and efficient digital workspace. Key highlights of Phase 1 included:

Phase 2: The second phase of the transformation was centered on optimizingdevice management, operating system upgrades, and application deployment. DTSachieved several key milestones, including Windows 11 upgrades readiness.

Phase 2: The final and most ambitious phase marked the comprehensive upgrade ofover 7,000 devices from Windows 10 to Windows 11. DTS demonstrated itsexpertise in resolving complex challenges, such as Defender vs. Intunedisparities, and introduced advanced security features. The phase alsowitnessed the enhancement of reporting capabilities through the powerfulframework of Update Compliance.Becauseof the tight three-month timeline and constantly evolving scope of work, DublinTech Solutions experts used an agile method to ensure the multiple implementationstreams were progressing on schedule.

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Key Achievements

Success rate of Windows 11 upgrades: Dublin TechSolutions (DTS) achieved a 95% success rate in deploying Windows 11 upgrades toover 7,000 devices of Apex Group

Implementation of TeamViewer Tensor: DTS implementedTeamViewer Tensor for remote support, which revolutionized the technicalassistance for Apex Group's cloud-based devices.

Flawless application deployments via Intune: DTSdeployed applications across all devices via Intune, ensuring optimalutilization of resources and streamlined operations.

Elevation of security standards: DTS deployed securitybaselines, Windows Update for Business and Endpoint security profiles toenhance the security measures and data integrity of Apex Group's digitalworkplace.

Seamless mobile device enrollments: DTS enrolledmobile devices and secured them with data loss prevention policies, enablingApex Group to leverage the benefits of cloud-centric environment..

 Streamlined reporting and compliance tracking: DTSintroduced the sophisticated framework of Update Compliance, which improved thereporting and compliance tracking capabilities of Apex Group..

Our Clients View about us

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“These challenges underscore DTS's dedication to addressing complex issues and delivering an efficient solution within a limited timeframe.”

Apex group’s modernizing endpoints with intune

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 “Apex Group is appreciative of the work done by Dublin Tech Solutions inmodernizing their endpoints and unlocking the full potential of theirinvestment. DTS's expertise, agile approach, and remarkable achievements havemade them a trusted partner for Apex Group.”

 ​​​​​Keith Healy, Global Head of Infrastructure Engineering.

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About Apex Group

Apex Group Ltd., established in Bermuda in 2003, isa global financial services provider. With over 12,000+ employees across 45countries, Apex Group delivers an expansive range of services to assetmanagers, financial institutions, private clients and family offices. The Grouphas continually improved and evolved its capabilities to offer a single-sourcesolution through establishing the broadest range of services in the industry;including fund raising solutions, fund administration, digital onboarding andbank accounts, depositary, custody, super ManCo, corporate services and apioneering ESG Ratings and Advisory solution. Apex Group’s purpose is to bemore than just a financial services provider and is committed to drivingpositive change to address three core areas; the Environment and ClimateChange, Women’s Empowerment and Economic Independence, Education and SocialMobility.

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