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Your defenses, your fortitude

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital operations, ensuring robust security and compliance measures is paramount. Our commitment to safeguarding your digital assets extends beyond conventional practices, providing a shield against emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Navigating the complex terrain of regulatory frameworks, our services not only ensure compliance but also foster trust with stakeholders in an era marked by privacy concerns. Embrace a secure foundation that not only defends against potential risks but also propels your organization toward innovation and sustained growth with unwavering confidence.

Data the currency of progress

In a data-driven world, protecting
your data is protecting your future.
Security ensures that your valuable
information remains yours alone.

Cyber threats lurking at every turn

Cyber adversaries are ever-evolving,
ready to exploit vulnerabilities.
Security is your shield against these
relentless threats.

Compliance and trust

In the age of regulations and
privacy concerns, security is your
key to compliance and building
trust with your stakeholders.

Productivity and confidence

A secure workplace fosters
productivity, allowing your team to
focus on innovation and growth with
unwavering confidence.

Business Benefit

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Holistic Data Protection

DTS ensures complete safeguarding of your digital assets, combining real-time threat detection with intelligent data governance for 360-degree protection

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Proactive Threat Management

Stay ahead of cyber threats with advanced solutions like Microsoft Defender and Azure Sentinel, offering proactive threat identification and mitigation.

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Regulatory Compliance and Trust

Navigate compliance seamlessly with robust controls, fostering trust by adhering to privacy regulations and data protection standards.

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Secure Productivity Hub

Upgrade infrastructure, implement advanced access controls, and operate in a secure environment for enhanced team productivity and unwavering confidence.

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Efficient Risk Mitigation

Manage risks effectively with insights from Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Defender, ensuring swift remediation and robust incident response capabilities.

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Data Lifecycle, Management

Elevate data governance with Purview's Data Retention, ensuring automated policies, and intelligent rules for regulatory compliance and minimized risks.

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Comprehensive Security Posture

DTS's advisory services optimize your security posture, from Azure implementation to identity and access management, fortifying your digital defenses.

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Confidence in Cloud Navigation

Evaluate and optimize Microsoft 365 (M365) Security Posture with DTS, confidently navigating the cloud landscape for enhanced protection against cyber threats and data breaches.

Technology Capabilities

Explore the comprehensive suite of solutions offered by DTS to unlock the full
potential of data and AI within the Microsoft ecosystem

Azure SentinelAzure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM and SOAR solution empowers your SecOps team. Harness its power for advanced threat detection, investigation, and response, ensuring a fortified defense against cyber threats in real-time.

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Azure Security Posture  iconAzure Security Posture

Azure Security Posture refers to the overall security stance and configuration of an organization's assets and resources within the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. It involves implementing and maintaining robust security measures, compliance controls, and best practices to safeguard data, applications, and infrastructure from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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Ireland's Largest Accountancy Body

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Successful Client Stories

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CommSec -   Next-Generation IT Security Services

Commsec and DTS: A Synergy
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