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M365 Co-Pilot is your artificial intelligence assistant for Microsoft 365 applications and services, as well as Windows. Powered by OpenAI's advanced GPT-4 language models and integrated with Microsoft Graph, it transforms user text input into content within M365 apps, including word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.

Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot leads the transformation by seamlessly integrating AI capabilities into your core workplace platorms. Swift and effective adoption of Co-Pilot will be the major differentiator in this competitive landscape for talent and market share.

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To realize the full spectrum of benefits that Co-Pilot offers within workplace technology, spanning Microsoft 365, Windows, and Power Platform, businesses must establish the right foundations by understanding the personas, use cases and workloads.
These include enabling Security and Compliance features of M365 licenses, selecting the correct platforms, streamlining business processes, cultivating the necessary skillsets, ensuring people readiness, and establishing an operational and governance model that supports the effective deployment of Microsoft CoPilot.

How to get Started

Dublin Tech Solutions will help you understand how to be ready to adopt
Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot through a meticulous 2–4 week readiness
assessment and workshops led by our advisory and technical experts.

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Better Communication

Foster improved teamwork, communication, and collaboration.

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Strengthen your defence against threats. Empower your business with essential tools for growth and management. Safely store and distribute documents to the appropriate individuals at the appropriate moments

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Increased user Engagement

Optimize user adaptability through web and mobile applications Support remote solutions, and a work from anywhere model

1 Register 50%

Register 50% or greater Microsoft 365 apps
monthly active devices (MAD).

2 Possess 500+

Possess 500+ Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 Commercial Licenses.

6 Record 50%

Record 50% or greater Teams Monthly active usage (MAU).

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3 Maintain 50%

Maintain 50% or greater Azure active directory plan 1 Monthly active Usage (MAU).

5 Atain 50%

Atain 50% or greater SharePoint online monthly active usage (MAU).

4 Achieve 50%

Achieve 50% or greater exchange online monthly active usage (MAU).

Why Choose Dublin Tech Solutions?

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We are Microsoft experts with extensive
experience in deploying and managing
these tools

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End-to-End Services

Our comprehensive range of services
covers all aspects of M365

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Client-Focused Approach

We tailor our services to your unique
business requirements.

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Continual Support

Our commitment doesn't end with
implementation; we provide ongoing
support to ensure you continuously benefit
from M365

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