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In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern business, cloud migrations have become a pivotal aspect of organizational strategies. Whether it's adapting to new market conditions, embracing cloud-based technologies, or harmonizing multi-tenant environments, organizations are faced with the need for seamless transitions. Dublin Tech Solutions (DTS) offers a comprehensive suite of migration services designed to address these complex scenarios and ensure a smooth, secure, and efficient transition to the cloud.


Cloud migrations, while offering numerous advantages, come with their fairshare of challenges. Each migration scenario, from tenant-to-tenant transitions to email system shifts, presents unique obstacles. Key challenges include:

Data Security

Ensuring the safety and integrity of data during migration.

Minimizing Downtime

Reducing disruptions to business operations.

Avoiding Data Loss

Preventing the loss of critical information.

Maintaining Productivity

Ensuring ongoing productivity throughout the migration process.

Duplication of Workloads

Ensuring the M365 workloads are mapped for personas.


At DTS, we provide a range of solutions to address these challenges and enable a seamless transition to the cloud

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Tenant-to-Tenant Migration Without Rebranding

In scenarios where a business unit or brand identity remains unchanged but is sold or transferred to another entity, DTS facilitates a seamless migration to a target tenant while retaining the existing domain. Our recommendation is typically a single-event migration for scenarios involving fewer than 15,000 users or 7 TB of site content, streamlining the transition.

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Tenant-to-Tenant Migration With Rebranding

When a business unit is integrated into another company's branding, DTS manages the migration of identities to a new target tenant while ensuring a smooth transition in brand identity. We offer both single-event and phased migration options to balance risk and timeline requirements.

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Cloud Tenant Move

In situations where users are distributed between two tenants, DTS ensures a carefully planned and executed cloud tenant move to minimize disruptions. This process may require coordination and synchronization to maintain user access and data integrity.

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Exchange On-Premises to M365 Cloud

DTS assists organizations in transitioning their email systems from traditional on-premise infrastructure to a cloud-based solution. This involves meticulous planning to migrate email flows to the cloud or establish a hybrid environment, ensuring a seamless and strategic transition.

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Cross Tenant Synchronization

In the complex landscape of multi-tenant environments, DTS provides Cross Tenant Synchronization services to harmonize diverse data, applications, and workflows.Our approach involves detailed planning assessments, customized strategies, implementation, progress monitoring, and resource optimization.

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SharePoint and OneDrive Migrations

We have experience in migrating file shares to SharePoint, SharePoint On-premise to SharePoint Online & File Shares to OneDrive vice- versa. Our solution includes a detailed checklist on permissions, office apps embedded in sites such as with excel macros, external-internal facing sites, PII & governance of data.

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Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

When organizations decide to migrate workloads from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, including mailbox contents, Google Drive files, and Google Chat messages, DTS meticulously plans and executes the data migration. We employ various approaches, including IMAP migration or the use of third-party tools like BitTitan, CloudM, Quest, and others.

Our Approach and Services

Our engagement begins with a comprehensive series of workshops, aimed at gaining a deep understanding of the M365 landscape.

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The first phase involved a discovery of the acquired entity's M365 tenant and dependent technology landscape as below.

  • Email configuration & Email security
  • Enterprise apps integrated with M365
  • Instant messaging, presence, and video and audio conferencing services
  • End user devices
  • Identify management and federation
  • Azure Workloads
  • Deep discovery of Sharepoint sites and Onedrive. permission models and folder hierarchies.
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Solution design

Powered by data from discovery, a detailed design will lay out the below for implementation.

  • In scope technology landscape and the impact
  • Governance and support transition plan
  • Migration methodology
  • Internal and external resources required
  • Tools required for migration
  • Migration plan
  • End user impact and mitigation
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the phase kicks off with series of small workshop to discuss the approved migration plan and convert the plan into runbook for execution.

  • Migration runbook
  • Post-migration support
  • Test plan
  • Handover to support & sign off.
  • Quality assurance during and ater migration

Why Choose Dublin Tech Solutions?

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Deep knowledge and Experience

With a team of M365 & Azure Certifiedtechnicians and a track record of success in more than 30+ migrations across the world, we have extensive experience in modern workplace..

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End-to-End Services

Our tailored approach ensures that your unique migration needs aremet, whether it's maintaining brand identity, ensuring data integrity, or optimizing multi-tenant environments

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Client-Focused Approach

Our commitment to working closely with technology partners ensures you receive best-fit solutions.

Partnering with Dublin tech solutions means you can unlock your M365 investment to the core while adopting M365 and securing your data.

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