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In today's dynamic digital landscape, the secure and efficient management of devices is paramount. The growing diversity of devices, from traditional desktops and laptops to ubiquitous smartphones and tablets, underscores the critical role of endpoint management. It's not just about managing devices; it's about safeguarding your organization's security, ensuring compliance, and optimizing performance.


Organizations face common challenges in this realm

Increasing Complexity in Endpoint Management Solutions

The evolving technology landscape has led to a surge in the intricacies of endpoint management, leaving organizations struggling to keep pace.

Underutilization of Endpoint Management Licenses

Despite investments in endpoint management, organizations otien fail to harness the full potential of their licensing, resulting in untapped resources.

Complexity in Addressing Device Security and Use Cases

Developing comprehensive strategies for device security & addressing evolving use cases pose significant challenges for IT teams.

Scarcity of Skilled Resources

Finding and retaining qualified personnel to manage endpoint solutions remains a persistent challenge in the dynamic technology workforce.

Legacy Environments as Obstacles

Many organizations find themselves burdened with unwieldy legacy environments, hindering their path towards modernization.

Inefficient Administrative & Support Processes

As administrative tasks escalate, support processes often become fragmented and inefficient, particularly outside regular business hours.

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Solution & Benefits

In response to these challenges, Managed Endpoint emerges
as a beacon of transformation. Seasoned IT and business
leaders now recognize the imperative need to modernize their
endpoint management landscapes. Managed Endpoint
services herald a contemporary, cost-effective paradigm for
administering and supporing both new and established
endpoint management solutions.

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Cost Complexity Reduction

We provide a clear path to optimize your Total Cost ofOwnership (TCO), encompassing licensing, infrastructure, cloud tenancy, administration,training, and support.

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Our solution helps you transition to a modern, cloud-based endpointmanagement environment while freeing up your internal IT team for strategic initiatives.

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Optimized Performance

We ensure your environment operates effectively, maximizes ROI,and leverages advanced features and use cases.

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You can easily add supported devices, provision applications, and adapt to new security threats with our assistance.

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Resource Refocusing

By handling day-to-day administrative tasks, we enable your IT team to concentrate on strategic projects.

Our Approach and Services

We offer a tailored approach that ensures your organization receives a customized solution based on its specific requirements. We leverage Microsoft 365 (M365) workloads such as Microsoft Intune, Entra ID (Azure AD), Microsoft Defender & Sentinel to create a modernized and secure endpoint management environment.

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1 Establish & Kick-off

Workshop to connect with relevant stakeholders to understand the requirements.

2 Current state assessment

Assessing your existing environment. Preparation of a High-level design.

7 Future state roadmap

Planning for future scopes and improvements.

6 Transition

Hyper care and knowledge transition to support. Documentation.

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3 Planning & configuration

Build the required policies, apps and profiles to implement an end-to-end cloud managed endpoint.

4 Transform

Transforming the legacy infrastructure to modern infrastructure including testing the workloads (UAT, Pilot) and implementation in Production.

5 Monitoring & Reporting

Continuously monitor deployments and delivering insights andvisibility into your environment.

Why Choose Dublin Tech Solutions?

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Deep knowledge and Experience

With a team of M365 & Azure Certified technicians and a track record of success in government, enterprise, and education, we have extensive experience in modernization.

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End-to-End Services

We offer comprehensive professional and managed services, ensuringa turnkey approach to modern endpoint management.

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Client-Focused Approach

Our commitment to working closely with technology partners ensures you receive best-fit solutions.

Partnering with Dublin Tech Solutions means you have the flexibility to embark on your path tomodernized device management and heightened security,

whether you're starting from scratch or navigating a challenging situation. As technology evolves swiftly, so does your workforce. Count on our experienced experts to keep you ahead of the curve with our Managed Endpoint services, offering tailored device management and modernizatoon solutions.

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